The New Kiddy English



An exclusive pre-school, especially designed for young children.

The International Preschool in English, since 1958.


An international kindergarten, a safe path to follow together with all parents who dream of a world without frontiers for their children. The new school is located at Viale Teodorico 8 - Zona Fiera - Zona Sempione - Zona Portello - Zona Piazza Firenze in Milan, and is easy to reach by metro on the Lilla Bignami - San Siro Line.

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Combining educational considerations, architecture and material design, we have created a rich and stimulating environment, where children can explore ideas, concepts and theories through their “one hundred languages”.

An international pre-school which places the children and their well-being at the centre of every design choice, where each piece of furniture, every material and all the colours used help develop their creativity and “help children climb their own mountains, as high as possible” - [cit. L. Malaguzzi].

What's more, the Kiddy English approach to the English language complements all our other educational offerings, helping children to grow and learn.


Learning a second language from childhood allows you to learn about different cultures and develops an open, plural and pluralist mindset on a social level.

From the long-standing experience and passion for children of a large group, comes the new Kiddy English.

A safe and familiar environment where each child has the opportunity to experience new materials, several languages and different points of view: physical, sensory, behavioural and cultural.

We have selected the best teaching professionals to accompany children on their discovery of the new and wonderful world of Kiddy English, with educational projects in line with the work of Loris Malaguzzi, the educator who inspires us..
Children search and explore in groups on a daily basis. Their explorations through expressive arts help develop their verbal language, both in English and in Chinese. Through drawing, singing, dance and yoga they build relationships with each other, while exploration in the garden helps familiarise them with their surrounding environment.

Even lunchtime is an important part of the day for our youngest students, where they learn the value of 'being together' and sharing food.

The pre-school has its own kitchen and four carefully balanced menus to meet the needs of every child... and parent!


It is the children that are at the heart of Kiddy English - each unique and different, just like the time it takes for them to develop and grow.